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There Are No Such Things As Failures

I used to think that statement was really corny.

When people said it, I’d roll my eyes and think, how could there be no such thing as failure? Of course there’s failure, people fail every day and in every way.

But as I’ve grown a bit, I’ve come to realize that “failure” is all about perspective.  You choose to see a thing as failure or not.  Just because something didn’t turn out as you expected or hoped, that doesn’t mean it’s a “failure.” In most cases, it’s a pivotal moment – a learning lesson and an opportunity for you to correct course. Explore a different direction, opportunity or situation.

I spent some time on the tube today, watching videos as I prepare to really step fully into this new career and came across this talk where the Queen (aka Oprah) succinctly articulates the “no such thing as failure” idea; check it out below (only 8 minutes)-

You get as much from your losses as you do your victories. Because your losses are there to wake you up.


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