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Forget S.M.A.R.T Goals; How About Some DUMB Ones?

What happened to our big goals?  Our big, hairy, scary, what-the-f*&$-are-you-talking-about? goals.  The ones that make your family members scared for you.  The ones that make us both nervous and excited. The ones that draw us in and compel us to try?

Where did those goals go? When did we stop dreaming?

For me, I used to dream about being both a business woman and a WNBA basketball player.  Then I wanted to be a lawyer who also had a chain of hair salons. (lol don’t laugh, these were real dreams).  Then, in high school, I dreamed about somehow working on economic development in West Africa so that one day, countries like Nigeria could be considered developed rather than developing (or worse, under-developed).  Somewhere in between college and entering the working world though, my dreams got smaller. In fact, I stopped dreaming all together. I started just wanting to be able to pay my bills. Eat. Get to work on time. Get along with people who annoyed me. Find a nice man to date.  Lose weight. Eat chocolate but not get fat.

All little goals.  Boring goals. Definitely not compelling or exciting at all.

As I come back to myself and honor my soul, my dreams have started to return though.  And they are bigger than before.  I find myself saying things like “I want to speak to millions.  I want to help everyone on the planet know that they CAN live their best life. Their highest, truest life.”  I spend time dreaming about how I want to work with government officials to help them realize the role they play in setting vision and development in their countries.  I think – “I can do that. I will do that.”

Then I freak out. What? I will do what? Add value on a global level? WTF is that?  

lol I may be crazy but at least my dreams are growing. They might not be SMART (specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, time-bound) but they are compelling. They draw me in. Every day, I get excited planning out how I’m going to organize my day executing the dreams.

If you desire for something more – if you want to move from managing a small life and existence to dreaming big and propelling yourself into your best life – I HIGHLY recommend you watch this video from Brendon Burchard.  He talks about SMART goals vs DUMB ones and it’s excellent. Like really, really amazing. Like soul food. Watch below –

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